Fair's Point

Fair's Point - Melissa Scott PHILIP GETS A DOG.

THIS WAS EXCELLENT, and even if I wanted to shake Nico and Philip sometimes, it was minimal and very IC.

Point of Dreams

Point of Dreams - Melissa Scott, Lisa A. Barnett Still hitting EVERYTHING I LOVE. Some of the theatre stuff got a bit impenetrable at times, but it didn't take away from the book.

Point of Knives: A Novella of Astreiant

Point of Knives: A Novella of Astreiant - Melissa Scott This hit EVERYTHING I LOVE.

Point of Hopes

Point of Hopes - Melissa Scott, Lisa A. Barnett The world-building was a bit impenetrable at first, and while I eventually figured out things from context clues, this was possibly the first time I ever wanted a glossary in a fantasy novel.

That said, this was delightful. Rough entry aside, the world-building is FASCINATING and wonderful, and I loved how pivotal the world-building was in the mystery.

Great cop procedural in a Renaissance-flavored fantasy novel. Also, I almost passed this book over because the blurb sounded like it was a Dude Novel, full of Dudely Dudes, but nah, this was good. Deeply enjoyed the hints to a romance, but if I hadn't been spoiled that they eventually get together, I probably would have been annoyed. (LOOKING AT YOU, FITZ AND THE FOOL)

Midnight Riot

Midnight Riot - Ben Aaronovitch Ugh, I do like this book.

The audiobook is really excellent, and I'll be honest, made me much fonder of Peter than the first time I read this book.

Hunter's Trail

Hunter's Trail - Melissa F. Olson SUPER enjoyed the world building around werewolves and the cons that come along with werewolf-ness in this world. Also really liked that Scarlett gets injured and STAYS injured. Has to do PT and everything.

Loved seeing Scarlett step up and take on more power/influence. Still really meh on Eli, but I'm starting to grudgingly admit that he's okay.

Trail of Dead

Trail of Dead - Melissa F. Olson Pacing is much better in this book, and I really enjoyed seeing more of the moral quagmires around Scarlett's job. Loved seeing more of her character development, and the explanatory backstory for her whole everything.

Eli still doesn't thrill me but it was nice to see Jesse still be NICE and KIND and still a bonehead. This could have really easily hit "super tedious love triangle" and didn't, for me.

Loved Kirsten, seeing more of her.

Dead Spots

Dead Spots - Melissa F. Olson Book was interesting, and I like the worldbuilding, but the pacing/character development were a little rough. Also, while I appreciate that Scarlett is not an Action Girl, her lack of drive and ambition (which ends up making much more sense to the end of the book/the next book) was somewhat annoying. My fav was totally Jesse Cruz, and he's a GEM. He's just SO NICE.

Witch for Hire

Witch for Hire - N.E. Conneely This was wretched. I was super in the mood for this kind of urban fantasy, but this was terrible. Writing was terrible, world building was tepid and mostly reminded me of Kim Harrison's books in a very derivative way. Didn't hate the main character, but she wasn't interesting enough to keep me around through the book. Final straw was how incredibly woodenly the reveal around MC's dad was handled.

Slightly Dangerous


Wanted to slap Justin from the beginning but TOTALLY didn't expect what happened with him.

Heroine could totally have easily been Manic Pixie Regency Dream Girl but wasn't. Loved seeing Wulfric's story, esp. after all the dropped bits in earlier books. This one pulled all those together and was just lovely.

The Rook


Loved this book. Author totally made the epistolary infodumping work in a way I was totally not expecting it to. Look forward to seeing how he manages in the next book.

ALSO, was originally a little dubious about a male author handling a "woke up in a new body" type story because in my experience those can get a little prurient, but he totally stuck that landing in a way that worked for me.

Really enjoyed how the letters made original!Myfanwy a fleshed out character, to the point where I was actually saddened when she "died". Myfanwy 2.0 was a really excellent extension/reinvention of her, and while she was a distinct person of her own, could see the places and some of the reasons she was alike/not alike with the original. Sometimes wanted to shake Myfanwy 2.0 AND Myfanwy 1.0, but in a fond way.

Also really enjoyed that Myfanwy 1.0's info about the Checquy is so delightfully unreliable, in the sense that she's been indoctrinated and raised in this organization and it skews her opinions of the organization and its members.

The Goblin Emperor

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison First off, the blurb for this book, and to some extent the cover, make this book seem a lot more boring than it is. Disregard that.

This book was a DELIGHT. It was incredibly hard to put down, and I became so engrossed in it that I almost missed a bus stop more than once. It's a GEM. Maia is an incredibly KIND protagonist, and it was a JOY to watch him grow into himself, and his decisions.

This book isn't a big action book-- while there are overarching plots and some attempted assassinations, the story is about Maia growing into being an emperor that he never even dreamed of becoming. The names and places and world building is thrown at you fast and thick, but not in an egregious way-- although I admit to occasionally being like "who is this?? what does that form of address mean??" it was easy to run with the flow of the beautiful writing. The author handled the different forms of address easily and meaningfully-- when Maia occasionally slips into the informal first, it's a moment that is meaningful, not just a stray bit of language/worldbuilding.

LOVED the future empress, seriously hope that if the author ever revisits this world, she spends some time on her and Maia's astronomer aunt.

This book reminded me more than a bit of the second half/book of the Crown Dual/Court Dual book/duology, in all the best ways.

Casket of Souls

Casket of Souls - Lynn Flewelling OH THANK GOODNESS, WE WENT BACK TO SPY STUFF. These books work SO MUCH BETTER when they're dealing with kingdom/social politics rather than yk, magic maybe evil alchemy babies. Kinda wish there was more resolution on the soul stealing plot, but it was so nice to get back into Flewelling's wheelhouse.

Loved the development around the princess royal and the queen, felt like this book picked up a bunch of earlier threads and pulled them back into the forefront. The cabal(s) were a little overly complicated/not distinguished enough, felt like she could have spent an extra 20-50 pages and expanded that a bit.

Shadows Return

Shadows Return - Lynn Flewelling Felt phoned in and unnecessarily grim. Very much a "gotta write this book so we can angst about it in the next book" feel.

Stalking Darkness

Stalking Darkness - Lynn Flewelling Ugh, these books held up so much better than I thought they would. Really solid high fantasy genre.

Season for Scandal

Season for Scandal - Theresa Romain Cuuuuuuuuuute

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