LOVED the opening bit of this book. "Oh, you punched me once when I had arrested you, and now you have to rescue me/bring me home safely" is a GREAT hook.

Sadly, while the initial BANG was good, the long term staying power was meh. Everyone got REAL SERIOUS REAL FAST, and I wanted a little more pining/will they won't they while everyone's friends laugh at them. Also while I loved the idea of the pirate's sad self doubt feelings, the self doubt dragged a bit.

Overall, worth reading, very enjoyable, but I'd probably end up skimming the self-doubt angst on a reread. Also I liked the mystery. I love the mystery/side plot stuff that's been showing up more and more in Derr's more one off stuff, it's a really pleasant evolution. (They've always been there, but I feel like they're showing up more? Better integrated? Something.)

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