Count Taka and the Vampire Brides

Count Taka and the Vampire Brides - C. Chancy this hit SO MANY of my buttons, wow. it had a huge cast, and I want moooooorrrrreeeee. that said, it had a LARGE CAST and occasionally it felt like certain characters were sketched in and relied on a certain context that wasn't present.

honestly, i really did enjoy this book-- but i think it could have benefited from an editor who wasn't familiar with the author's fanfic and/or harem manga, because there were certain tropes/in jokes that just don't make a ton of sense without that context. (also, there were a couple cultural generalizations and uses of "gypsy" as a descriptor that made me cock my head to the side and go "whaaaaa?")

also i super understand sidelining the romance between taka and kae because of events in the book/there was already a bunch of shit going down/etc, but it felt like it needed some smooching. maybe there's going to be a sequel with smooching? but it needs some smooching. it's too explicitly romantic to hit my smarm hatred, but. smooching.

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