Point of Hopes

Point of Hopes - Melissa Scott, Lisa A. Barnett The world-building was a bit impenetrable at first, and while I eventually figured out things from context clues, this was possibly the first time I ever wanted a glossary in a fantasy novel.

That said, this was delightful. Rough entry aside, the world-building is FASCINATING and wonderful, and I loved how pivotal the world-building was in the mystery.

Great cop procedural in a Renaissance-flavored fantasy novel. Also, I almost passed this book over because the blurb sounded like it was a Dude Novel, full of Dudely Dudes, but nah, this was good. Deeply enjoyed the hints to a romance, but if I hadn't been spoiled that they eventually get together, I probably would have been annoyed. (LOOKING AT YOU, FITZ AND THE FOOL)

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